GPS Tracking USA Inc

GPS Tracking USA Inc

We offer what we know is the best tracker on the market.


Having our GPS Tracker on your vehicle, when your vehicle go's in a an impound anywhere in the US you will receive an e-mail that your vehicle is in the impound. Rather than receiving notification two or three months later with the storage bill FROM $800.00 to $2,200.00.  This is the only GPS Tracker that offers this and they have it copy written.

  • Heartbeats: Every four hours instead of 25 hours like other GPS Tracker companies
  • Zone Alerts: Create geo fences and alerts associated with them.
  • Mobile Application: We also have mobile applications for both Android and iPhone.
  • Road and Aerial Mapping Views: We use Google Maps, which provides easy of use and familiarity of features.
  • 3 Year Warranty; the majority of the other GPS Trackers have only 1 year.
  • Rest easy knowing your equipment in under warranty.

And yes, an unbelievable Skip Locate Option through our company, when the tracker isn't reporting and or the customer disconnects the GPS Tracker and you can't find the customer , the majority of the GPS companies job is done. This is when you need help the most. We will location that skip and if we don't, we will refund you double what you paid for the GPS Tracker.  YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY BACK. YOU WANT YOUR VEHICLE BACK.  This is what we specialize in. We find over 93.7% of the skips.

What could our Skip locate option be worth to you when you purchases GPS Tracker from us:

Example: A dealer states that his customer must have disconnected the device on a Chevrolet Trail Blazer. This vehicle was worth $8,500.00 wholesale.  We located the skip in Columbus, Ohio and or-castrated the repossession successfully for the dealer.  We have many, many, many examples like this.  Dealing with another GPS Tracker company the dealer could have been out $8,500.00. If you have 4 skips like this and have our GPS Trackers with our Skip Locate Option you will be ahead $35,500.


For example, a dealer finances a 2008 Nissan Altima valued at $9000 wholesale value. That dealer/finance customer’s device is not locating. That dealer/finance company gives us the information on the customer. We find the customer and the 2008 Altima is repossessed. That dealer made $9,000 because of the Auto Loan Security & Consulting Inc’s unique option. If you have 4 of these a year by $9,000 you will save $36,000 in one year purchasing the GPS tracker from Auto Loan Security & Consulting Inc. with this unique locate option.


You want your vehicle back 99% successful locate rate

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